CSAR Software Documentation

This page provides access to User's Guids written for CSAR code modules. This page is available publicly to anyone interested in CSAR-produced computer codes or research.  

The content and suggested format of the documentation to be produced for each CSAR code has been captured in the CSAR Documentation Guide.

Integrated Code

Roctar 3 Performing Multiphysics Simulations with Rocstar: Presentation on the use of Rocstar, 2/23/05.

Rocstar 3 (User's Guide, Developer's Guide): Fully integrated, 3-D, solid propellant rocket simulation code.

Individual Software Modules

Combustion Modules

Rocburn (User's Guide):

Fluids Modules

RocfloMP (User's Guide):

RocfluMP (User's Guide):

Rocpart (User's Guide):

Rocturb (User's Guide):

Rocrad (User's Guide):

Solids Modules

Rocfrac (User's Guide):

Rocsolid (User's Guide):

Computer Science Modules

Rocman (User's Guide):

Roccom (User's Guide):

Rocface (User's Guide):

Rocblas (User's Guide):

Rocin (User's Guide):

RocHDF (User's/Developer's Guide)

Rocmop (User's Guide)

Rocrem (User's Guide)

Charm++ (Parallel Programming Laboratory Manuals Page)

AMPI (Parallel Programming Laboratory Manuals Page)

FEM (Parallel Programming Laboratory Manuals Page)

Rocketeer (User's Guide): Tool for visualizing 3-D scientific data sets.


Makeflo (User's Guide->not found in CVS):

Rocbuild (User's Guide):

Roctest (User's Guide):

JCSE (JBuild/JTest) (User's Guide):

Rocdiff (User's Guide)

Rocprep (User's Guide)

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